Release, and Relax!
Linear B Systems is your trusted IT advisor for Performance, Security, and Quality Assurance.

At Linear B, we understand the challenges you face. We can reduce project turnaround time, improve the reliability and security of your IT systems, and increase performance. Our cloud-based assessment tools, advisory services and deployment assistance will help you meet your production goals.

No hardware to buy, no software to install, no disruption of production systems and no intensive staff training.

Assessment Services

Linear B’s Assessment Services can uncover issues that prevent you from meeting your business objectives. Our cloud-based tools deliver a fast, cost-effective analysis that can help you improve product quality and increase user satisfaction.

  • Performance Assessments

    Linear B’s Performance Assessments are conducted in a virtual environment that mimics your product’s operational environment, including user-load, reporting cycles, and typical usage scenarios. This flexibility enables realistic what-if analysis, critical for finding and addressing system bottlenecks.

  • Functional Assessments

    Our cloud-based functional assessment provides a detailed look at your product’s features from a user perspective, exposing software bugs and other operational issues before they affect your users. No upfront hardware or software investment required.

  • Security Assessments

    The Linear B Security Assessment Team works closely with all levels of your organization to verify that IT systems are meeting security goals and objectives. Using US Government standards such as NIST 800-115, NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-37, we can evaluate system and organizational compliance with mandated security objectives.

Advisory Services

Linear B’s advisory services are geared toward the early detection and correction of software quality issues, security risks, and performance bottlenecks.

  • Analysis

    Customers often find themselves in situations where they discover there’s a mismatch between what was designed, what was delivered, and what is actually needed. Our multi-dimensional approach to analysis focuses on discovering disconnects early, and clearly defining the root cause of defects.

  • Architecture

    Our team has a strong foundation across software engineering disciplines. We can help you fine-tune your product architecture and provide detailed recommendations to make Deployment Day -- and all the days after -- a success for everyone.

  • IV&V

    Linear B offers independent verification and validation (IV&V) services that strive to facilitate early detection and correction of flaws, enhance management insight into risks and ensure compliance with your systems technical, performance, schedule, and budget requirements.

Cloud-Based Support Environments

Operational environments are costly to establish and complex to maintain. Replicating that operational world for Test/QA, Training, and Disaster Recovery is often financially unrealistic. Linear B provides flexible and reliable cloud-based environments that reproduce the real-world operational environment so that you can test, train, and have emergency recovery capabilities at low cost.

  • QA Environments

    Our pay-for-what-you-use pricing and flexible on-demand scaling means that you have the right amount of compute resources when you need them. Linear B’s Cloud Tools can provide simple test platforms or fully operational-equivalent environments to help you debug the product before deployment and to decide on the optimal hardware configuration before committing to hardware purchases.

  • Training

    Linear B can provide your organization with SCORM-compliant training materials either as local media (DVD, for example) or through a cloud-hosted Learning Management System (Moodle, for example).

  • Disaster Recovery

    Cloud-based Disaster Recovery can be a budget saver as well as an operational safety valve. Linear B Systems can help you develop a robust Disaster Recovery system that is reliable and cost-effective.