Independent Verification & Validation
Our team of experts and our cloud-enabled services ensure that your system is correctly built.

Our team of experts and our cloud-enabled services ensure that your system is correctly built.

With ever tightening IT budgets and the increased visibility of software system failures, there is a need for an objective organization with the business and technical knowledge to know if your system is ready for production. Not only as designed - but with a design that truly meets your needs.

Linear B offers independent verification and validation (IV&V) services that strive to facilitate early detection and correction of flaws, enhance management insight into risks and ensure compliance with your systems technical, performance, schedule, and budget requirements.

IV&V can be thought of as “Project Due Diligence” or “Independent Project Oversight,” since it is an investigation of performance and risk based on standards and best practices. The primary objective of an IV&V engagement is to provide an objective assessment of products and processes throughout the project lifecycle.

Our team of experienced professionals have the skills to review all aspects of your project from inception to completion. Staff members with experience in all aspects of the development lifecycle, including Analysis and Design, Development, Test and Evaluation and Project Management, we have the skills to successfully perform a comprehensive verification and validation for your project.

Throughout the project lifecycle, Linear B will refine our understanding, validate our findings, and focus on identifying specific improvements that we think will make a tangible difference to the project.  We will also provide tools, templates, and sample plans as appropriate as part of an IV&V engagement.

The Linear B IV&V methodology is derived from concepts and standards such as the process maturity framework developed by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s Software Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI CMMI) and IEEE Std 1012 IEEE Standard for Software Verification and Validation.

Our IV&V services strive to answer two basic questions:

  • Are you building the system right, and
  • Are you building the right system?

Our IV&V activities include:

  • An in-depth review of the foundational project documents (charter, scope statement, business case justification, selection criteria)
  • A review of the organizations policies and procedures.
  • A review of project status documents, meeting minutes, etc.
  • A review of the various planning documents (project plan, communication plan, risk management information, regulatory compliance plans, test plans and acceptance criteria, etc.)
  • Interviews with the project sponsor, stakeholders, and various team members.
  • A review of the various project deliverables (Requirements Traceability Matrix, System Requirements Specification, Design Documents and Test Results).
  • Functional Testing to ensure that the application meets defined requirements.


  • Independent oversight of product development activities.
  • Product enhanced IV&V aided by cloud-enabled services.
  • Experienced team with strong knowledge of all phases of the development cycle.