Performance Assessments
Cloud-based performance assessments mean reduced cost and faster test cycles, all within an environment that mimics production.

One of the toughest challenges IT professionals face is determining if their system can meet customer demand. The inability to accurately determine a system's reliability and scalability under varying loads can lead to disastrous results. Missed deadlines, budget overruns, unplanned application re-work and plan old customer frustration are all symptoms of poorly performing systems.

With so much at stake, you would think that system performance would be an imperative. But the unfortunate reality is that applications are rarely performance tested.

When and if performance testing is undertaken, it is often conducted by inexperienced staff with an under-powered test environment. Results are then extrapolated in an attempt to guess the peak performance of the system.

The phrase it runs fine on my laptop is one that is heard far too often.

Software system performance testing and tuning is a complex undertaking that requires skills in many disciplines. Poor database performance, underpowered application servers, misconfigured networks and bloated application pages all contribute to poor system performance.

In many cases performance testing requires hardware and software resources that are unavailable or simply not cost effective.

Delivering real performance data...

The Linear B cloud-based performance test platform provides the flexibility and scalability needed to generate real-world datat for real-world apps. Our experience with performance testing has helped our customers deploy improved applications with optimized responsiveness to real-world user demands.

We at Linear B understand the challenges and complexities of performance testing. We are ready to partner with you to ensure your system’s performance meets or exceeds demands. Our team of experienced performance engineers will provide detailed guidance on the pressure points in your application and work with your development team to ensure a smooth product release.

Our performance engineers can quickly configure test environments of varying size and scale. The environment can be easily re-configured to simulate increased loads or to determine the amount of processing power needed to meet your expected workload.

This flexibility also provides the ability to quickly conduct “what-if” analysis to determine if variances in system configuration can improve overall application performance, providing a rapid turnaround time for evaluating system capacity and performance. Just as improving the edit-compile-debug time improves programmer productivity, reducing the time required to configure, deploy, test and evaluate a system improves product quality, driving the solution towards a more optimal deployment.

And the best part, there’s no hardware to buy; no software to install; no disruption to current systems; no intensive developer training; your test environment can be up and running in minutes.

If you are an IT professional who struggles with system performance, or would just like to discover a cost-effective of performance testing your system, please contact us. We’d love to discuss how Linear B’s on-demand performance test service can help improve your software applications.


  • Linear B provides virtual test environments that mimic real-world deployment
  • No upfront hardware or software investment, a pure product-enabled service
  • Rapid test cycles with broader coverage
  • Testing can be conducted in-house or on external sites and systems
  • Test cases that simulate real-world customer usage
  • Lowers the risk of performance issues occurring in production