Cloud-Based QA Environments
Pay-for-use pricing and on-demand flexibility make cloud-based QA labs an attractive alternative.

Cloud computing is opening new opportunities for operational support environments. With minimal upfront capital expenditures, pay-for-use models and on-demand flexibility, the use of cloud computing is having a dramatic impact on IT development and operations.

Nowhere is this more evident than with Test/QA environments.

Traditional approaches require a large upfront expenditure of hardware, software, tool licenses, and toolset training for team members. On-going expenditures include maintenance and configuration support by IT staff. At the completion of the project, existing test environments may be insufficient for future projects, with hardware that is already out of date and unable to provide effective QA support.

So it’s not surprising that Test/QA is often viewed as a double-edged sword.

In reality, most physical Test/QA environments (even the newest hardware configurations) do not replicate the real-world production environment. Few businesses can support the personnel, software, hardware, and utility costs of running two full-production operations at once, with one reserved for Test/QA.

Allowing the equipment to stand idle between tests presents risks, too: Equipment failure on restart, time required for system patches, and other administrative issues can intefere with the QA/Test schedule. Yet estimated idle times for physical test environments range from 50% to 70%.

Cloud-Based QA Labs

Linear B Systems offers a practical, cost-effective solution. Our cloud-based quality assurance environments can be quickly configured to meet your specific Test/QA environment needs, without the complications of local hardware support.

A reduction in capital expenditures and on-going maintenance costs are powerful arguments to switch to Linear B's QA cloud, but there are even more reasons to switch: The flexibility and robustness of our QA cloud provide an opportunity for improved test coverage and reduced project cycle times, leading to an overall improvement in quality and a shorter time from development to delivery.

Key benefits of cloud-based QA environments are:

  • Cost

    Cost is main factor for moving test environments to the cloud. Upfront capital expenditures for test environments are eliminated. The pay-for-use model mean you only pay for the time the environment is in use.

  • Compliance

    Supports “cloud-first” organization mandates by moving Test/QA services to the cloud.

  • Flexibility

    On-demand provisioning yields quick configuration, and reconfiguration, of target QA environment(s). Optimization schemes can be analyzed by configuring multiple Test/QA setups, tweaking for server system configuration. Test teams can analyze application performance and functionality while tests are running. Performance and data snapshots can be taken and stored for later use. Once testing is complete, environments are de-allocated, saving the expense of physical maintenance.

  • Scalability

    Cloud-based test environments can be quickly and easily scaled from thousands to millions of concurrent users, providing a profile of system capacity under varying demand scenarios.

  • Time-to-market

    On-demand provisioning and test automation provide greater test coverage and reduced test cycle time. With a faster test-to-results timeline, developers can have more time to address bugs or bottlenecks. Intermediate fixes can undergo immediate QA, with regression testing showing any negative impacts. This approach can result in both an increase in product quality and a shorter release cycle.

Linear B's QA Cloud environment offers a compelling combination of lower project costs and increased quality. With the flexibility of custom provisioning, an attractive pricing model and the added benefit of increased robustness and reducing test cycles, Linear B's QA Cloud can deliver significant benefits for your organization.

If you are an IT professional who struggles with quality assurance environments, or would like to discover a cost-effective and more robust approach to test environments, please contact us. We’d love to discuss how Linear B’s cloud-based environments can help improve your IT systems.