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Performance Testing and Tuning

Linear B uses a cloud-based approach to generate realistic usage data for real-world apps. Our experience with performance testing has helped our customers deploy improved applications with optimized responsiveness to real-world user demands.

Investing in a performance test can save money by providing a profile of the best hardware configuration for your user-base. Instead of throwing more hardware at a problem installation, you may be able to reconfigure the distribution of resources.

Our performance engineers can quickly configure a test environment to match your planned deployment. After evaluating current capacity for you, we can easily re-configure it to determine the amount of processing power you will really need to meet your expected workload.

This flexibility also lets us quickly conduct “what-if” analysis to determine if reworking the system’s configuration can improve overall application performance. It can also evaluate the current system’s max user capacity. By conducting performance tests using the cloud, there is no need to disrupt current systems or to set up extra hardware sites.

If you are planning to switch your timekeeping system to WebTA, we can help you determine the best hardware and network configuration for your organization. Contact us to discuss how Linear B’s on-demand performance test service can help improve not just WebTA but all of your web-based software applications.


  • Linear B provides a cloud-based test environment that mimics real-world deployment
  • No upfront hardware or software investment, a pure product-enabled service
  • Rapid test cycles with broader coverage
  • Testing can be conducted in-house or at external sites and systems
  • Test cases that simulate real-world customer usage
  • Lowers the risk of performance issues occurring in production